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The Gokhale Method® Foundations course

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday July 25, 26 and 27, 2018


Description:The Gokhale Method® is a system of healthy posture and movement to help restore your structural integrity so you can live an active and pain-free life. In the one hour free workshop, you will learn the how and why of the method and be introduced to techniques to reduce or eliminate pain, prevent injury, and increase your energy and flexibility. In the six-lesson Foundations Course, you will learn how to transform your posture and movement throughout your everyday life. By comfortably altering the way you stand, sit, bend, lie, and walk, you empower your body to heal from pain and experience the rewards of posture that builds strength and resilience while minimizing compression, tension, and degeneration. The Gokhale Method uses gentle hands-on instruction, reinforced by theory, to return you to your primal posture.

This workshop is a total of 9 hours, offered in the morning or afternoon.  
Choose from either the morning or afternoon sessions:
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
9am-12:15 pm or 2-5:15pm

Space is limited to 8 so register early!!!

Event information & registration:

Local contact: please email or call Anna:


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