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Join Dr. Jacob Boll from Pursue Wellness Chiropractic for a free presentation at the Montana Lotus Center.  Topics to be covered will include Dr. Boll's journey to lose over 100 pounds through diet and exercise, overall healthy lifestyles, and his chiropractic work.

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Here is just a hint of the type of incredible work Dr. Boll does:

First In Montana 

Dr. Boll presented the case for use and ownership of Cone Beam CT (CBCT) to the Montana Board of Chiropractors.  He received unanimous approval from all members of the board at their semi-annual meeting on September 2017.  Cone Beam CT’s are predominantly used by dentists to produce 3-D images of teeth, bones, soft tissue and nerve pathways, all within one thirty second scan.  Recently, a small percentage of Chiropractors have started to use CBCT to analyze the spine.  Key differences in Cone Beam CT vs traditional X-Ray are image quality, being able to visualize multiple views from only one scan, 3-D images compared to X-Ray’s 2-D, the ability to see soft tissue and more provided information than a conventional X-Ray, as well as many more.  Dr. Boll saw the benefit to using Cone Beam CT and is very proud to announce that he is currently the First and only Chiropractor in Montana to own and operate a Cone Beam CT machine in his clinic, allowing precise images to provide the best care and results to his patents.

Reservations are not required, but space is limited, so please contact Heather to let
her know if you will be attending-406-595-2595

Dr. Boll focuses his work on the upper neck and spine.  To learn more about the additional modalities he uses, as well as more information about his practice, click here: