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Friday Oct 26-Sunday Oct 28th, 2018 

“Interrupting Habit Energy”

Humans tend to get into grooves which often become ruts. Learn how to work with simple tools that will awaken new parts of your body. Stir up the pattern of thoughts in your mind so you can make your practice more efficient. 

Longtime practitioner and teacher Desiree Rumbaugh will return to Bozeman for a weekend of transformational practice. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, these offerings will give you practical tools that you can use right away. 

Desiree has been certified in Iyengar and Anusara Yoga and now continues to work with Physical Therapists and resistance training to stay on the cutting edge of her craft. She continues to refine her teaching to make it more accessible and more effective.

Desiree teaches from the view that Love is stronger than Fear. This weekend she will teach students how to deal constructively with their real and perceived limitations moving them closer to realizing their potential, physically and emotionally. 

For more info on Desiree, please visit her website:

Friday Oct 26th 5:30-8:00 PM: 
Freedom- Hip Openers, Pranayama and Meditation

Saturday Oct 27th 10:00AM- 12:30 PM: 
Strength for Flexibility- Backbends that release the Psoas

Saturday Oct 27th 2:00-5:30PM: 
Smooth Out the Rough Edges- Forward Bends and Twists

Sunday Oct 28th 1:30-4PM: 
Putting it all Together- A More Efficient Body


Full Weekend $200
Individual sessions: $55

Hope Lutheran Church
2152 Graf St (off of South 19th)
Bozeman, Mt 59718

To register fill out the form below. Feel free to call Anna with immediate questions: 406-600-7565.  The event is cash or check only; please send your check made out to Montana Lotus Yoga, or pay at the door.
Montana Lotus Yoga
PO box 6262
Bozeman, Mt 59771


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