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Women's Circle-Red Tent Gathering

Come celebrate the New Moon in Leo!!!!

  July 23rd  Sunday 5-7


The moon continues its monthly cycle. As darkness is upon us and the moon enters it's rejuvenating new stage the energies shift to that of greater heart felt connection, increased creative expression and purposeful manifestation. We, as women, are naturally cyclical. Come celebrate this sacred time by gathering with women and honoring our individuality, creative expression, and personal power.  

Activities may include - Moon talk, chakra energetics, visualizations for manifestation, astrology, artistic expression, dance, card readings, and refreshments!

$10- to cover basic costs is appreciated!

Please bring items to place on our alter to acknowledge the 4 directions or elements. East-air(example-feathers) South- fire(metal) West-water(an item from the water or special water itself) North-earth(stones, grass, dirt)  Alternatively, you could just draw out a symbol that represents each element on paper.

Space is limited- Please call or text Liane Memmer at 539-3135 to reserve your spot!