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We believe in the innate potential to awaken to the higher possibilities of our essential nature. We can endeavor this path alone, yet the deeper truth is that we cannot become ourselves by ourselves. Our warm, intimate, and beautiful space provides a safe and supportive gathering environment that fosters the discovery of who we really are. One of the greatest metaphors of awakening is the Lotus flower. Each petal offers a healing modality or spiritual path. We invite you to look within and open to your unlimited potential. 

Photograph of American Lotus flower (Nelumba Lutea) at Upsate lake, Montana provided by Jim Streeter Photography , Missoula, Mt



From writing workshops, homeopathy classes, hand analysis soul psychology, Spirit Talks, Reiki classes, meditation, and more. 

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From Yoga, Qigong, writing workshops, belly dancing, and more. Including our weekday Noon-Hour Retreat by donation.

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